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Columbia, California

Columbia is a small community of about 2,000 residents located in Tuolumne County, California. It is near Sonora, California.

Columbia was founded in 1850 by Mexican gold miners. Today it is located on a state-preserved historic park and a National Historic Landmark that preserves the original flavor of the gold-rush town.

In 1854, much of Columbia burned down. It was re-built with brick and iron structures, many that survive to this day.

Columbia is located along State Route 49, just north of Sonora.

Fallon House Theater and Hotel Information:

A man named Owen Fallon arrived in Columbia, California in 1856. He purchased a boarding house known as the Main House and operated it until 1857 when it was consumed in a fire. Owen Fallon rebuilt, but the second building was also destroyed by fire in 1859. Again, he rebuilt, but this time, he used brick and in 1860 he opened The Fallon House.

Between 1890 and 1944, The Fallon House changed owners a number of times. The building was known as the Kress Hotel, the Columbia Hotel and Opera House, the Smith Hotel, and the Columbia Inn. For a period of time the University of the Pacific owned the building. Then, in 1947, the California State Park System took over ownership. The theater at this time continued to be used by University of the Pacific theatrical students for summertime performances until 1982.

In 1983, the entire building was renovated and opened as the Fallon House Hotel and Theater. In 1997, the Sierra Repertory Theater expanded into the Fallon House Theater.

In 1983, the entire structure was restored and opened as the Fallon House Hotel and Theater. After the restoration, the Columbia Community College Drama Department produced shows at the theater as Columbia Actor’s Repertory until 1997.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at the Fallon House Theater and Hotel in Columbia, California:

Guests at the Fallon House Hotel and Theater have reported smelling cigarette or cigar smoke and whiskey, when no one is drinking or smoking anywhere in the vicinity (as smoking is not allowed). A female ghost has been reported in Room 9. In the theater, lights turn on and off on their own, without explanation. Shadow figures have also been reported in the theater.


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11175 Washington Street Columbia CA California United States

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