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Fort Omaha Campus- Metro Community College- Buildling 16

Fort Omaha Campus- Metro Community College- Buildling 16

The History:

Metro Community College was created in 1974. The college enrolls over 40,000 students a year.

Construction of the Fort Omaha campus was completed over a century ago. The 42 acres of land where the Fort Omaha Campus is now located was originally owned by a man named Augustus Kountze, an Omaha banker. He leased the land to the government to establish a military post, Fort Omaha, that was both close to a river and close to a railroad so soldiers could be deployed easily and speedily. It’s first and primary purpose was to protect the pioneer settlements at the intersection of the railroad and the Missouri River.

The first brick structure on campus was built for General George Crook when soldiers were first sent to live at Fort Omaha in 1878. General George Crook was the Commander of the Department of the Platte from 1875-1882. Apparently, he entertained several presidents in his home at Fort Omaha.

The Haunting:

According to reports, Building 16 at the Fort Omaha Campus was renovated about 11 years ago. During the renovations, workers would discover that their tools and supplies had been moved inexplicably from one room to another. Reports of eerie sounds. Also, apparently, apparitions of a young girl, a middle aged man, and a Native American man have been seen looking out of the building through the windows. Apparently, a ghost investigation was done on Building 16 and tape recordings and video footage of an apparition were captured, but this information is not available to the public so far as we know.


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