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Grasslick Road | Site of the PFost-Green Murders

Grasslick Road | Site of the PFost-Green Murders

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  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
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  • Address: Ripley, WV, USA

Ripley, West Virginia

Ripley is located in west central West Virginia in Jackson County. It is a small community of about 3,300 people.

Site of the P Fost-Greene Murders | Grasslick Road Information:

In 1897, the Pfost-Green family lived along Grasslick Road. Chloe Pfost-Green was 70 years old at that time and lived with her two daughters, Alice and Matilda, and her son James.

John Morgan was a local boy who had been taken in by the Pfost-Green family and treated like a son. He remained close to the family and did odd jobs for them from time to time. On November 4th, John Morgan stopped by and was invited in to spend the night.

Around 4 AM, John Morgan and son James went out to feed the hogs. At this time, John Morgan took an axe and killed James. Then, he went inside where he found the women making breakfast. John struck Matilda twice with the axe killing her. Then he struck Alice. He thought he’d killed her, so he went after Mrs. Pfost-Green. Alice, during this time, managed to escape in a half-conscious state and sound the alarm.

John Morgan was arrested and confessed the next day. He was hung on December 16, 1897 at the present-day location of the present-day Ripley High School football field.

The house where the murders took place is no longer standing.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at the Site of the P Fost-Greene Murders | Grasslick Road in Ripley, West Virginia:

People today claim to see the apparition of a young woman running through the fields where the Pfost-Green family house stood. Locals believe the ghost to be that of Alice, even though she survived the attack. Some have also reported hearing a disembodied scream.


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  1. actually. the house does still stand. I will be out there tomorrow, I can send you pictures and findings if interested

    • We would love to see the pics! Send them to [email protected] and we’ll get them onto the site! 🙂

    • i live in evans, do you have the coordinates to the house? I’m trying to start a new vlog series of exploring creepy, abandoned, disturbing etc places.

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