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Green Door Brothel | Lucky Nugget Gambling Hall

Green Door Brothel | Lucky Nugget Gambling Hall

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  • Date Posted: May 3, 2014
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  • Address: 622 Main Street, Deadwood, SD 57732, USA

Deadwood, South Dakota

Green Door Brothel or Lucky Nugget Gambling Hall

History and Demographics for the Green Door Brothel/Lucky Nugget Gambling Hall in Deadwood, South Dakota:

Deadwood is a city in Lawrence County, South Dakota. It is named for the dead trees found in its gulch. It is home to about 1,400 residents.

The city of Deadwood was founded in the 1870’s. It apparently lay within an area that had been granted to the native tribes in that area as spelled out in the 1868 Treaty of Laramie. Thus, it’s very existence at that time was considered illegal. The Treaty had guaranteed ownership of the area in and around Deadwood to the Lakota people.

In 1874, George Armstrong Custer claimed to have found gold in the French Creek near Custer which started a gold rush through Deadwood. Deadwood became a wild and lawless town, reaching a population of 5,000 residents.

In 1876, a fellow named Charlie Utter loaded up a wagon train with prostitutes and gamblers and brought them to Deadwood to make some money. Several prostitutes made a decent living running brothels at this time.

Deadwood is remembered famously as the final resting place of Wild Bill Hickok who met his end here along with Calamity Jane. Jack McCall, Hickok’s murderer was brought to trial in Deadwood, but because Deadwood was an illegal town, the ruling was thrown out. Jack McCall was tried in a different, legal, court, sentenced and hung.

Seth Bullock and a man named Sol Star, owned a hardware store together in Deadwood. The day after Seth Bullock arrived in Deadwood, Wild Bill Hickok was shot in the head. Bullock had been the Sheriff in Lewis and Clark County, Montana and his history made him a good candidate for sheriff in Deadwood after Wild Bill Hickok was murdered. After all Deadwood residents were finally starting to think they needed to crack down on crime.

Ghosts and Hauntings for the Green Door Brothel/Lucky Nugget Gambling Hallin Deadwood, South Dakota:

The Green Door Brothel/Lucky Nugget Gambling Hall was investigated by the Black Hills Paranormal Investigators in 2008. View their findings at

A number of paranormal phenomena are reported for the Green Door Brothel. Visitors report feelings of uneasiness and the smell of perfume from an unknown source. Shadow people have been seen here.


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