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  • Author: Mad Vic
  • Date Posted: May 8, 2014
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  • Address: 130 Stoner Avenue, Greenwood, LA, USA

There are many headless ghosts in Louisiana and one of them is said to walk the Greenwood Cemetery in Greenwood, LA. Disembodied voices and strange sounds have also been reported at the cemetery. This isn’t surprising given the history of the location.

Maybe because this is the only truly French state in the Union, Louisiana haunts seem to attract ghosts that are missing their heads. Another headless ghost walks the levees of Chalmette Battlefield and though there are no headless ghosts reported at Headless Cemetery in Eunice it makes sense in an odd way to label the cemetery “Headless” just because it’s in Louisiana.

Greenwood Cemetery was once the site of Stoner Plantation as well as a Civil War military hospital. A single cross in the middle of Pauper’s Field marks the site where poor folks were given a free burial. There are no burial markers on this small plot of land at Greenwood Cemetery, but the graves are numbered.

Milton Taylor Hancock has a tomb at Greenwood Cemetery. His four-year old daughter, Ethyl died in 1892 and she was buried in a cast iron coffin and placed in a tomb at the cemetery. A chair was placed in the tomb for Milton’s wife, Nina, who would sit in each evening to read the little girl bedtime stories after her death. In 1903, the Hancocks lost their 24 year old daughter, Irene. She was buried with Ethyl in the Greenwood Cemetery tomb. The Hancocks moved to Los Angeles, CA with their only surviving child, Milton Hancock, Jr. In 1905, the 16 year old was driving a car that was struck. He died in one of the first automobile accidents in the United State. He was also buried in the Greenwood Cemetery tomb.

130 Stoner Ave, Greenwood, LA


Greenwood LA Louisiana United States

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