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Griffin House | Adam Griffin House

Griffin House | Adam Griffin House



This is one of the iconic haunted places in America! The Griffin House has even scared derelicts and drug addicts away. Now it is owned by a very normal family as a private residence. Ask for permission before attempting to investigate this property!

The Griffin House was built as a private home in 1852. It was occupied by Union forces as barracks and a place for munitions storage during the Civil War. The first soldiers who entered the house found maltreated slaves chained down upstairs. Some of these slaves even had maggot-infested wounds. The slaves were taken to a field hospital.

Two Confederate soldiers were taken hostage and kept at the Griffin House after they were caught looting. Often, Union soldiers would sing John Brown’s Body (a song popular during the Civil War era) to these men. The two Confederates got ahold of pistols after they decided to commit suicide. While lying facing each other on two different mattresses in an upstairs room, they took aim, one at the other and shot each other. The wounds were inflicted in the heart. They bled to death within minutes, their blood oozing through the floorboards and down the walls in the room below.

Visitors to the Griffin House have heard the song John Brown’s Body being sung by disembodied voices. Some have even reported seeing the apparition of Civil War soldiers singing this song.

People have reported hearing rattling chains in the upstairs rooms as well as moaning and groaning sounds. The disembodied sounds of boots marching across the floor is also commonly reported.

A concrete block was thrown at one visitor who vowed never to return to the Griffin House.

Drug addicts and derelicts occupied the once abandoned property for a period of time, but fled due to the presence of the ghosts and disembodied voices!

In terms of haunted places in the United States that guarantee a thrill, the Griffin House is a good choice due to its dark history and consistently strange events.

1447-51 Constance Street, New Orleans, Louisiana


New Orleans LA Louisiana United States

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