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Haaswood Cemetery | Onionhead Cemetery | East Union Cemetery

Haaswood Cemetery | Onionhead Cemetery | East Union Cemetery

  • Author: Mad Vic
  • Date Posted: May 20, 2014
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  • Address: 9, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, USA

Haaswood Cemetery is home to Onionhead, a disfigured fellow who mostly just lurks in the shadows.

The Haaswood Cemetery is said to be haunted by Onionhead, a disfigured fellow who either witnessed the death of some children in a fire or killed them himself. Onionhead is rarely, if ever actually spotted by visitors to the cemetery, but many are still spooked by his presence according to locals. His disfigured head is the result of a disease.

Interestingly, the Haaswood Cemetery is also known as East Union Cemetery. “East Union” sounds very similar to the word, “Onion”. Just sayin’.

This haunted cemetery has been cleaned up a bit and it is in fair condition now, according to some locals. The cemetery is old and there are many graves that are unmarked.

Onionhead has also been reported in Camp Salmen Nature Park, Our Lady of Lourdes Cemetery, and the Greenwood Cemetery. The tale is similar in some respects to those told of “Melonheads” in Ohio and Connecticut.

To get to Haaswood Cemetery, travel north from Slidell along Highway 11. Continue toward St. Joe and then turn right onto Haaswood Road. Follow the road to the cemetery. Or, take an alternate route by turning onto St. Joe Road. Continue for 1.5 miles to a grated road and then turn left. Continue for about .3 miles.

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