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The History:

Altman Hall was built in 1963. This is a co-ed residence hall, with men on the north side and women on the south side. The hall can house up to 138 students at a time.

The Haunting:

Altman Hall is said to be “haunted” by Clara Altman who purportedly “protects” the students staying there. Knocking sounds and electrical appliances turning on and off are among some of the activity reported at this location.


It is interesting that this ghost who knocks on things and messes around with electrical items is said to be “protecting” students. Something doesn’t quite match up with the description of the paranormal activity at this location. Although colleges and universities are common locations for paranormal activity to occur, it doesn’t seem as though the students in the dormitories would necessarily be in dire enough need for ‘protection’ for Clara Altman to forfeit living out an “after-life” on their behalf. Although the probability of paranormal activity occuring in these dormitories is actually pretty high, it seems unlikely that it is the result of a ghost “protecting” students.


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