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Hollopeter Farmhouse and Bridge

Hollopeter Farmhouse and Bridge

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  • Date Posted: Apr 30, 2014
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  • Address: Blackwell, OK 74631, USA


According to local lore, a family with the last name of Hollopeter lived in a house that was situated next to an iron bridge. For unknown reasons, the daughter in this Hollopeter family hung herself from the bridge. Also for unknown reasons, people believe that the rope used by the girl to hang herself was left dangling at the bridge.

The iron bridge was apparently washed away some time ago.

This particular location has some notable things in common with other locations. A place in Julesburg, Colorado known as The Glow House was also known to locals as a site where a woman was said to have hung herself. Shining one’s headlights at the Glow House was said to reveal the apparition of this woman which is similar to the Hollopeter Farmhouse in that locals claim that by flashing one’s headlights and honking one’s horn, one can summon up the apparition of Mr. Hollopeter on a white horse. Of course tales of unverified bridge-hangings are common, at least in the Midwest perhaps because of the style of bridges that were once built here to span bodies of water?

Paranormal Reports:

Apparitions of an old woman feeding chickens from the front porch are said to occur. Also, apparitions of Mr. Hollopeter on a white horse have also been described.


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Blackwell, OK Oklahoma 74631, USA

Blackwell, OK Oklahoma 74631, USA

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