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  • Author: Mad Vic
  • Date Posted: May 19, 2014
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  • Address: Ohlenforst Road Rayne, Louisiana, USA

According to locals, there were car accidents along the road leading to Hookman’s Cemetery in Rayne, LA and vandalism forced the community to close it off to the public. Locals say that a police officer murdered his girlfriend at this location, but we haven’t verified this piece of gossip yet.

The Hookman’s Cemetery is located on private property off Ohlenforst Road in Rayne, LA. Ask permission before you investigate (the owner of the property operates a gun store, so beware).

There is a wooden bridge near the haunted cemetery known as “Hookman’s Bridge” where the Hookman is said to have murdered his son and then killed himself. Some visitors report hearing the disembodied sound of the son screaming as he fell from the bridge to his death.

Traveling out of Rayne, LA on Ohlenforst Road travel past the old wooden bridge. To the right, there is a curve and a grassy area near the woods. Walk 200 feet into the woods where you’ll find some paths to Hookman’s Cemetery.

The PASS paranormal investigation team investigated this location. Visit their web site to see photos and learn more about their experience at this location.

There are a number of Hookman’s Cemeteries throughout Louisiana and the United States including a Hookman’s Cemetery in Peru, IN and a Hookman’s Cemetery in Robert’s Cove, LA.

Ohlenforst Road, Rayne, Louisiana

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