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  • Date Posted: Apr 30, 2014
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  • Address: Chamberlaine Way, Adelanto, CA 92301, USA

Went out of curiousity to check out this house on Chamberlaine Way in Adelanto one night.

We went at approximately 1:00am. Driving up Chamberlaine from 395 there is a house with a detached garage out in the open desert just before Aster Rd. We pulled up to the house down a dirt driveway and parked in front. I stayed in the car while 3 others checked out the house. While all 3 people were on the right side of the house, there was a figure of a man walking across from the garage to the back of the house. Later on that night, the man was seen again in between the house and the garage leaning against the house like the old cowboy stance. While waiting for the others in the car, there were multiple sounds of someone tapping on the car window with no one in eye sight.

Definitely worth looking into more thoroughly.


Adelanto CA California United States

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  1. Today 1-19-15 at 2:30 pm me a 2 of my friends walked over to this house looking for some creepy things to happen and that is just what we got we arived at the house did a little prayer and walked in we instantly felt a presense as we entered the house we went to the main room and set up two sticks and stood them next to each other as we asked question we heard noises and as we said we were going to leave the sticks dropped we continued on asking questions and nothing happend we finnaly went into the garage and coincidentaly found a picture of martin luther king jr on an old film i have all of the proof including a 20 min. Long video with everything that happend if you would like to see this please email me at [email protected] what ever is in that house it is real

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