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  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
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  • Address: 149 Wheeler Rand Road, Charlestown, NH 03603, USA

Charlestown, New Hampshire

Charlestown is located in Sullivan County, New Hampshire. It is a small community of about 5,000 residents.

Charlestown was first settled in 1740. The log fort in Charlestown became a strategic military site during the French and Indian Wars.

Indian Shutters Restaurant Information:

The Indian Shutters Restaurant is located at 149 Wheeler Rand Road in Charlestown, New Hampshire.

The Indian Shutters Restaurant was once an historic inn called the Parker Tavern.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at the Indian Shutters Restaurant in Charlestown, New Hampshire:

People report hearing an entity upstairs at the Indian Shutters Restaurant in Charlestown, New Hampshire.

Visitors to the restaurant have reported seeing the ghostly image of a woman in a white dress. Often they see her reflected in a large mirror.

Cold spots and feelings of uneasiness have been reported throughout the Indian Shutters Restaurant, but especially in the basement of the building. Shadow figures have also been reported in the basement of the restaurant.


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149 Wheeler Rand Road Charlestown NH New Hampshire United States

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