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John Anson Ford Park

John Anson Ford Park

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  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
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  • Address: 8000 Park Lane, Bell Gardens, CA 90201, USA

Bell Gardens, California

Bell Gardens is located in southern California in Los Angeles County. It is a city of 40-50,000 residents.

John Anson Ford Park Information:

Two boys were murdered and their bodies were found in Whittier Narrows inside the John Anson Ford Park.

Harold Ray Memro was sentenced to death on July 17, 1987 for murdering three children. Two of their bodies were found on July 26, 1976 at the John Anson Ford Park in Bell Gardens, California. The other child was murdered on October 22, 1978. His body was deposited alongside a road.

Scott Fowler (12 years) and Ralph Chavez (10 years), Jr.’s bodies were found sprawled 178 feet apart from each other near a pond at John Anson Ford Park early in the morning on July 26, 1976. Their throats had been cut.

The two boys, had, according to witnesses, had been fishing the day before and had stayed at the pond into the wee hours of the evening. Medical examination revealed that the boys’ deaths probably occurred around midnight.

Harold Memro admitted that he had noticed the two boys fishing around dusk. He started talking with them and taking pictures. Harold had been taking nude pictures of boys from his neighborhood for a number of years. Unfortunately after hanging out for several hours with Harold Memro, Ralph fell asleep beside the pond and Scott decided to take a walk with Harold to the other side of the pond. Scott said something derogatory to Harold Memro about “faggots” at this time. This made Harold mad and he promptly slit Scott’s throat and then hurried back across the lake to kill Ralph as well, as Ralph had awakened during the commotion of Scott’s murder.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at John Anson Ford Park in Bell Gardens, California:

The apparition of two boys has been seen at John Anson Ford Park in Bell Gardens, California.


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  1. It’s been 39 years now Scott. And I barely found out where you were buried. Even after all this time I always think about you & the great friendship we had you will always be my best friend Scott you live in my mind my heart and my soul and I know one day we’ll see each other again it won’t be much longer your best friend always Richard Avila

  2. I lived right across the street from the park when that happened to the two little boys, Ive fished n swam in that pond hundreds of times.
    At the time of the murders, it was a rumor that the moms boyfriend had done it

    • You swam in the pond? Is it really that deep? Plus there are geese everywhere? Or was this before there were geese?

  3. Smh so sad why didn’t anyone fo searching for this boys so young and out their at night …my heart goes out to their families …i been living here in BG all my life and all my kids bday party are by the pond never seen anything unsual and we leave park like 7:30pm but i know times have changed alot …i will not go to sleep knowing my boys or girl are out their and im on them god forbids anything like this happening around here …it angries me to know that piece of shit is still alive thats is not justice tax payers money being used to support a sick minded idiot for so many years someone should do something about it ..i .so fam can have peace and their souls r.i.p. we go fishing their i will go fishing on their anniversaries and drop sum roses in pond release a few ballons..

  4. Heart breaking i still live in Bg in anniversary will go fishing drop sum roses in pond in their memories …wtf is this piece of shit still alive someone should do something their is no justice while he is alive being supported by tax payers ….and the boys need to r.i.p and family needs that closure …not fair ..

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