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Kali Oka Road Plantation | Oak Grove Plantation

Kali Oka Road Plantation | Oak Grove Plantation

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  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
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  • Address: Kali Oka Road, Saraland, AL, USA

Kali Oka Plantation | Oak Grove Plantation

How to Get to Oak Grove Plantation in Saraland, Alabama:

Oak Grove Plantation is located along Kali Oka Road near the famous Cry Baby Bridge, several cemeteries such as Mauville Cemetery and Dead Man’s Curve where a number of people have met an untimely death.

Interesting Facts about Oak Grove Plantation:

Oak Grove Plantation (also known as Kali Oka Plantation) was the location used as the set for a film called “Dead Birds”. This horror film included a bit of voodoo and a few demons working their magic in post-Civil War Alabama. It’s worth watching if you want to set the mood before heading out toward Kali Oka Road for a night of ghost hunting.

Kali Oka Plantation has recently been purchased and renovated. It is private property and you shouldn’t venture onto the property without permission from the owners.

The main plantation house and slave’s quarters in the smaller house have a strange vibe according to many resources. In the main house, people have reported seeing the apparition of a white woman carefully lighting candles in the windows. A large, 7 foot tall African fellow has been reported on the land around the house. Some have even seen his apparition on Kali Oka Road on their way to other haunted locations.

The African man is believed to have been a slave at the plantation and the woman was the master’s wife. According to one story, she was in love with the black slave, her husband found out and killed the slave. The master of the house was said to have cut off the slave’s hands (for having laid hands on the master’s wife) and then hung him by the wrists from a tree to slowly bleed to death. In another story, the slave was actually the master’s homosexual lover. After the master of the house died, the wife hung the slave from the tree in a location near the house so that she could watch him starve to death very slowly.

Cry Baby Bridge in Saraland, Alabama is said to be haunted by a baby born of the adulterous affair between the wife and the African slave. The poor child was said to have been drowned in the creek shortly after being born.

One last tale has been put forth to explain the strange goings-on at Oak Grove Plantation. A woman lived on the property and kept a behemoth African man on the property as her caretaker and body guard. He was tall and hulking, big enough to scare away anyone who might come to the property to do harm. Now the ghost of the man still haunts the property, protecting its owner.

Ghosts of Oak Grove Plantation in Saraland, Alabama:

Before the property was renovated, visitors reported doors slamming inexplicably, strange, loud banging sounds, orbs caught on film, and apparitions of a woman in white lighting candles inside the main plantation house. Apparitions of the large African man have been reported at Oak Grove Plantation as well as along Kali Oka Road in Saraland.


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