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Kates Mountain

Kates Mountain

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  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
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  • Address: Kates Mountain, Eastern, WV 24925, USA

White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia

White Sulfur Springs is located in southeast West Virginia in Greenbrier County. It is a small community of about 2,500 residents.

Kate’s Mountain Information:

Kate’s Mountain is located off Route 60 on the road by the Greenbrier Hotel in White Sulfur Springs, West Virginia.

According to legends in the area, Kate’s Mountain is named after Kate Carpenter and her husband, Nathan, who came to the mountain to find a better life for themselves and their son. During the time when the Carpenter’s settled on Kate’s Mountain, Indian attacks were common. One day, a tribe of Indians tried to attack the family. Nathan Carpenter grabbed an axe and urged Kate and their son to flee.

Kate and her son fled into the woods, but were nonetheless captured by the natives.

All three of the Carpenters were scalped, beheaded, and mutilated.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at Kate’s Mountain:

Shortly after the Carpenters were killed, White Sulfur locals began to report seeing a headless woman running through the woods. Disembodied screams of the woman and child were also reported. The screams would ring out through the woods and then be cut short, abruptly.

White Sulfur Springs locals report seeing strange light anomalies at Kate’s Mountain. Specifically, they claim to see lights that hover in the sky and then shoot abruptly out of sight.

The misty apparition of a large animal like a panther has also been reported. Some locals claim that the mist takes a shape that looks human, perhaps.

Some White Sulfur Springs locals have reported hearing the disembodied sound of a large army marching near Kate’s Mountain.

An odd humming sound has been reported in the area. Some folks claim that the humming sound comes from a secret underground government facility at Kate’s Mountain.


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