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Within the city limits of Bossier City, there is a curve in the railroad tracks where folks have reported hearing disembodied voices, wailing, and cries. According to local lore, many years ago, a young mother and her children were in a vehicle that stalled on the railroad tracks. The train hit the car sometime between 10:30 and 11:00 PM according to tales and it is at this time that visitors are most likely to hear the ethereal sounds at the tracks.

According to our research, there are several different areas near Bossier that have been dubbed the “haunted railroad tracks”.

There is a steep curve in the railroad tracks near the intersection of Benton and Shed Roads. Follow Benton Road out of the city running parallel to the railroad tracks to find it.

Another person reported that the haunted railroad tracks in Bossier are on a section located on Swan Lake Road going toward I-220.

Finally, one last reporter said that haunted area of the tracks are near the Shreveport-Blanchard Highway.


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