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Kitchen Lake Bridge

Kitchen Lake Bridge

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  • Date Posted: May 3, 2014
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  • Address: Oklahoma City, OK, USA

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Kitchen Lake Bridge Information:

People report different ways to get to Kitchen Lake Bridge and the Witch’s House. We’ve summarized the various directions below as well as we could.

Kitchen Lake Bridge is located just beyond 119th and Air Depot Boulevard in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It is at the northwest corner of SE 119th Street and South Air Depot Boulevard just east of where Sooner Road curves to the west for ¼ of a mile. Old Sooner Road is no longer in use, according to one report. According to this report, Sooner Road is blocked off such that the only way to reach Kitchen Lake Bridge is to walk. 119th Street is located west of Kitchen Lake. A bridge at 119th Street washed out making 119th rather inaccessible. The bridge that crossed the creek just west of Midwest Boulevard was, according to one resource, “The” Kitchen Lake Bridge. This bridge washed out 30-40 years ago and was not rebuilt.

One source said the Kitchen Lake Bridge can be reached via Midwest Boulevard in Oklahoma City.

Yet another recommendation was to take I-240 and I-35. Go east to Sooner RD (77H) Go south to 119th (theres a sign that says ‘Firstep’. Then, turn Left ( East) and it is located about 500 ft to the west of Air Depot on the north side.

The real destination is not so much Kitchen Lake Bridge as the “Witch’s House”, according to some people. The Witch’s House is supposedly located about 2 miles from Kitchen Lake. The house is no longer standing, but it was located on the north side of the lake about ¼ of a mile from where the former Kitchen Lake Bridge once spanned the creek. All that is left of the “house” is a chimney that has crumbled down to about 2 feet tall.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at Kitchen Lake Bridge in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

Get permission to visit this location as the house is located on private property and people who have been to this location report that the owners will call the police and perhaps shoot at folks wandering onto their land!

Visitors to this area report that people feel a strong sense of uneasiness when they are near Kitchen Lake Bridge. Some people have reported vehicular problems. Cars don’t start. Headlights go out. Windshield wipers come on unexpectedly. Footsteps follow people who get out of their cars to walk in the area. There are coyotes that live in this area, but people who visit swear that the sound of footsteps are too strong and too heavy to be coyotes. Be aware that some people who have been to Kitchen Lake Bridge have seen bobcats. This is a real and pertinent danger to consider before venturing out to this location unprepared. Take a group with you, get permission, and know what to do if you encounter coyotes and/or bobcats!

Strange smells of dead rotting flesh have also been reported at Kitchen Lake Bridge.

Some people have reported finding pentagrams located at the old Kitchen Lake Bridge location as well as decapitated animal heads. This is a teen hang out spot and a number of people have reported some weird stuff out there, like baby doll’s hanging by one leg from a tree. And a sign that says “Beware of Evil Spirits”.

Camera batteries drain quickly at this location.


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  1. Kitchen lake is very creepy indeed. I have been to the bridge and have seen decapitated Black dogs and blood stained rocks in the creek bed. I have been followed by vehicles while at the lake and even asked if I wanted to party. This is a dangerous place if you are alone or unarmed.

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