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Labadie Mansion

Labadie Mansion

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  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
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  • Address: Bartlesville, OK, USA

Bartlesville, Oklahoma

Labadie Mansion Information:

The Labadie Mansion is said to have a tragic past. The couple who originally lived there, apparently were not able to have children. So, the husband, Frank, had an affair with their slave, named Enos Parsons. She gave birth to child that was not Frank’s, however. This angered Frank, who shot Parsons. He dumped her body in a nearby creek.

Sometime later, Frank began to “lose it”. He claimed that Enos Parsons was haunting him. Around this time he shot himself and then he shot his wife, Samantha.

Instructions for reaching the Labadie Mansion from the Bartlesville Municipal Airport:

Time Mile Instruction For

11:26 PM 0.0 Depart Bartlesville Municipal Airport on Local road(s) (West) 120 yds

11:26 PM 0.1 Turn LEFT (South) onto CR-3007 0.7 mi

11:28 PM 0.8 Turn LEFT (East) onto US-60 [W HWY-60] 4.3 mi

11:32 PM 5.0 Turn LEFT (North) onto US-75 [SE Washington Blvd] 8.3 mi

11:40 PM 13.3 Bear LEFT (North-West) onto N3970 Rd 1.2 mi

11:43 PM 14.5 Turn LEFT (West) onto SR-10 2.4 mi

11:47 PM 17.0 Bear LEFT (West) onto W 900 Rd 0.7 mi

11:49 PM 17.6 Road name changes to Local road(s) 0.2 mi

11:50 PM 17.8 Road name changes to E0090 Rd 2.0 mi

11:53 PM 19.8 Bear RIGHT (North-West) onto CR-3011 2.3 mi

11:57 PM 22.1 Turn RIGHT (East) onto Local road(s) 65 yds

11:57 PM 22.1 At Labadie Cemetery, return West on Local road(s) 65 yds

11:58 PM 22.2 Turn LEFT (South) onto CR-3011 0.6 mi

11:59 PM 22.8 Turn RIGHT (West) onto Local road(s) 0.3 mi

12:00 AM 23.0 Arrive Labadie Mansion

Ghosts and the Paranormal at Labadie Mansion:

People report that the Labadie Family and Enos Parsons haunt the woods around this gutted old brick mansion. Disembodied sounds including voices calling out one’s name, strange sounds off in the woods, and camera and flashlight batteries getting drained, among other things.


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