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LaFramboise Island

LaFramboise Island

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  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
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  • Address: LaFramboise Island Trail, Pierre, SD 57501, USA

Pierre, South Dakota

LaFramboise Island

History of Pierre, South Dakota:

Pierre is the capital of South Dakota and the county seat of Hughes County. It is home to about 14,000 residents, making it the second smallest state capital (population-wise) next to Montpelier, Vermont. situated along the Missouri River. South Dakota became a state on November 11, 1889 and Pierre has been the state capital ever since due to its location at the geographic center of South Dakota. It was named after Pierre Chouteau Jr., a fur trader.

LaFramboise Island is located on the Missouri River near the city of Pierre, South Dakota. Lewis and Clark named this island “Bad Humor” Island after they had a fearful encounter with the Teton Sioux nearby. The island is actually named after Joseph LaFramboise who built Fort LaFramboise at the mouth of the Bad River. Parts of the island were farmed at one time.

LaFramboise Island is a Nature Area with seven to ten miles of trails, so if you’re visiting Pierre on a ghost hunting gig, pack your hiking gear too. The two mile long island is reserved for wildlife and nature enthusiasts. Although the cottonwoods can be rather thick in places, LaFramboise Island is not a difficult place to hike, if you’re out ghost hunting. It’s fairly flat, but don’t get lost in the trees in the middle of the night.

Hikers report hearing sounds coming from the city so be sure to put on your debunking hat if you think you’re hearing any “disembodied” voices or footsteps, etc.. If the wind is blowing the right direction, LaFramboise Island is quiet except for the sounds of wildlife, of course.

Ghosts and Hauntings of LaFramboise Island in Pierre, South Dakota:

Ghost hunters in Pierre, South Dakota report a large number of orbs in photographs taken on LaFramboise Island.


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  1. My daughter and 4 other friends have been visiting the lafromboise for quite some time and one night they came home and said no one should ever go on the island. They used a Ouija board and said they contacted a Native American woman. She told them that she wasn’t upset with them being there but that something very dangerous lurks the island and that they should leave right away because it wanted to hurt them. They immediately closed the session and left. My daughter, a sensitive, reported seeing multiple apparitions of people still roaming the island and believes it should be left undisturbed instead of made into a tourist attraction. She stated “you never know what the beings from the other side are capable of or what they even are”. She’s not sure if it’s just another spirit trying to get a message across or a more, dark entity wishing harm on people. Also on another occasion she reported a young girl coming to her telling her that her name was Helen and that she was lost. But, she knew from experience that she should pay no attention to the little girl because she felt like it was almost like a trap, and again left right away.

  2. I’ve spent many nights out on the island trying to find something Supernatural happening truth is nothing happens you hear branches falling and that’s because the night air is more dense than the day many animals are nocturnal so you got animals moving around the floating orbs are the lights of the city is yet from lights and city lights on every side of youin the summertime You Hear Voices it’s just the voices from the legion at going across to the islandthey got that nice little patio out there to drink beer oncruises people get in a place like that and their imagination takes hold and they’ll see and hear anything they want to see and hearI’m calling this one debunked

  3. when i am walking at night i would see orbs of lights over their and i would see people over their standing on there edge of the river and i would also hear people laughing and talking.

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