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Logan County Jail

Logan County Jail

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  • Date Posted: Apr 30, 2014
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  • Address: Guthrie, OK, USA


Guthrie, Oklahoma is the Logan County Seat. When the Oklahoma Territory was originally established in the 1890’s, Guthrie served as the territory capital. It was the first state capital for Oklahoma from November 16, 1907 to June 11, 1910 when an election “stole” the capital and moved it to Oklahoma City.

The Logan County Sheriff’s Office and Jail are located in the same building. According to one report, a number of inmates have hung themselves, with particular frequency in the kitchen. Some hangings have also occurred in the jail cells.

Paranormal Reports:

Disembodied voices and apparitions have been reported particularly in the kitchen area. Object are also said to move by themselves without explanation.


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Guthrie, OK Oklahoma, USA

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