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luiseno park

luiseno park

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  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
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  • Address: Oceanside, CA, USA

dis place iz sooo dayum hantd. I waz dar like last tuzday nd herd sum werd noizez. dis plase is sereouslie hantd!!!!!!! wen i wuz dar, i saw sum grasss lift up intwo da air. man o man…..u haz gottwo chek dis plase out….im ded sereous! stuf moovz around in da bathrume by itself. sereously a grate spot fer perenormel incestivationz. chek dis plase out nd telz me if yooz xperiense anytin.
Jack Michaels


  1. I live close to this park, what time were you there when you experienced this activity? I plan on going with some friends at midnight to see if it’s true

  2. Hey what time did you experienced this activity? I live by this park and plan on going around midnight

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