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McCook Central High School

McCook Central High School

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  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
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  • Address: 200 East Essex Avenue, Salem, SD 57058, USA

Salem, South Dakota

McCook High School


Salem is located northwest of Sioux Falls, South Dakota at the intersection of Highway 81 and Highway 38 in southeastern South Dakota.

Salem is the county seat of McCook County. It has a population of about 1,400 residents.

Salem, South Dakota was named for the famous witch-hunt city of Salem, Massachusetts. At one time, the city was spelled backwards as “Melas”. Sources claim that this was to prevent confusion with the city of Selena, South Dakota. When Selena was no longer in existence, Melas changed back to Salem.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at Salem High School:

The auditorium at Salem High School is said to be haunted. Students claim to hear ghostly footsteps and the sounds of moving objects, like doors opening and closing when no one else is in the school.


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