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  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
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  • Address: Mount Misery Road, Huntington, NY, USA

West Hills, New York

Mount Misery Road Information:

Mount Misery Road starts at the intersection of Broad Hollow Road (Route 110) and Sweet Hollow Road. It ends at about Jericho Turnpike. Mount Misery exists in two locations, both notable for paranormal activity. Site 1 is on the south end at the radio tower itself. Site 2 is the north end by a park/undeveloped area across the parkway from the radio tower.

At its peak, Mount Misery Road is the highest point on Long Island. The area around Mount Misery Road was settled in the 1600’s.

In 1840, an insane asylum was built at the top of the mount. Shortly after it was built, it burned to the ground. A number of patients were killed in the fire. Fifteen years later, a new hospital was built. Some people claimed that the smell of the burning building and the screams of the dead victims could be heard at night in the hospital. Five months after the new hospital was built, it too was consumed in flames.

The name for the road, Mount Misery, is derived from the fact that it was a trade route with a very steep hill and rocky terrain that made it hard for wagons to traverse.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at Mount Misery Road in West Hills, New York:

West Hills locals have, for many years, reported seeing ghostly faces in the tree trunks along Mount Misery Road. Strange lights have been reported in the wooded areas surrounding the road as well as ectoplasmic mists, and apparitions.

A White Lady or “Lay in White” is legendary along Mount Misery Road. Drivers see her fairly regularly walking along the side of the road. Often, white ladies are seen searching for a lost child or a lost lover. This white lady appears along the road, but after drivers pass her, she disappears.

The apparition of a hanging body is often reported on a bridge along Mount Misery Road. According to one report, the apparition is the result of a suicide that happened many years ago at the bridge.

Demonic dogs as well as a group of men dressed in spotless black suits have been reported in the woods along the road.

An old cemetery along Mount Misery Road is haunted by the ghost of a woman named “Mary”.

The Long Island Paranormal Investigators have found unusual mists and orbs on Mount Misery Road in West Hills, New York.


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Mount Misery Road West Hills NY New York United States

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