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  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
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  • Address: Norfolk Junior High School, 510 Pasewalk Avenue, Norfolk, NE 68701, USA

The History:

Reports that a man hung himself.

The Haunting:

Supposedly, according to Shadowlands, “Many people say that they can see half of him in the boiler room, where he hung himself.”



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Norfolk NE Nebraska United States

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  1. I’ve attended the school for 2 years now and other occurrences that would happen is the facets will turn on by themselves and would refuse to stop when the tap is turned off. Also in what many call the “dungeon” if you walk past the entrance to the boiler room you can hear the sounds of a sweeping broom. Many times in the auditorium you will here the sound of something swinging off the stage lights.

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