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Located in rural Buffalo County, 9 miles west of Kearney on Highway 30, at 561 Webb St.

The History:

This is a large three story brick building with a full size gym and stage. Unitl the mid 1950’s Odessa Elementary was a K-12 school. Currently, only 24 students attend Odessa Elementary School.

The Haunting:

Reports of disembodied footsteps in the gym and hallways, along with sounds of doors slamming. Cold spots.


The Shadowlands report did not indicate whether it was the Odessa Elementary School or perhaps the high school.

Schools are often reported as "haunted".

According to the Shadowlands report, the school recently got new windows and doors. In other words, it has been renovated somewhat. I’m assumign the author of the report wanted to note the renovations because renovations have been correlated with increases in paranormal activity.


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561 Webb St. Odessa NE Nebraska United States

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