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The Old Arlington High School was built in 1936. It features some Art Deco details in its architecture. Apparently (we have not officially confirmed the time when this occurred), sometime in the 1980’s the building stopped being used as a public school building and began being used by Highland Christian School, the Local Boys and Girls Club, and some other organizations. It seems that currently, it is still occupied by these groups.

Paranormal Reports:

There are rumors (unconfirmed), that a photography lab on the school premises collapsed in the 1980’s. There is also a rumor that a student (in some reports, the student was a cheerleader) hung herself on or near the stairwell at the Old Arlington High School. And finally, one last rumor exists that a janitor fell to his death in the auditorium. These events are said to be the cause of some or all of the paranormal events that supposedly take place here.

Paranormal reports include feelings of uneasiness and sightings of apparitions.


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Arlington WA Washington United States

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