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  • Date Posted: May 6, 2014
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  • Address: Garland, NE, USA

The Old Garland Movie Theatre is located at 578 Frazier Street.

The History:

We have not been able to pin down a history of this location yet.

The Haunting:

Reports of boards falling with no explainable reason. Witnesses have reported seeing people in the windows. Apparently, knocking on the door of the old theatre will produce a return knock.


According to Shadowlands, there is a car parked outside the old theatre that says, "I will kill you…" on it. A cryptic message, I would guess that it was NOT written by a ghost or entity, but most likely by a "prankster", however it definitely adds to the drama of this purportedly haunted location.

Although live theatres often tend to be sites where paranormal activities take place, movie theatres are not traditionally associated with hauntings…at least not to the best of my knowledge. I will have to research this type of structure to see if I can prove myself wrong on that observation or not, however…


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Garland NE Nebraska United States

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