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Old Kaiser Hospital

Old Kaiser Hospital

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  • Date Posted: Apr 30, 2014
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  • Address: Bellflower, CA, USA

The old Kaiser hospital in bellflower ca is closing  and will be domolished due to the fact the top 4 floors cannot be remodled due to too much negative energy per construction companies

Bellflower, CA California, USA

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  1. Hey guys I have a really good story for you.
    I’m a security tech for kaiser, I was there last night and another tech was telling me of a man who jumped parking structer at the new hospital off of Kramer. It was 1130 pm last night he was telling me what he saw reviewing his death. We buy to each other he went his way I went to the spot where he landed and asked if he could hear us talking about him and to tap any of the cars in front of me nothing happened as I started to walk I asked if regretted what he did I kept walking and the car gate opened on its own I went to tell the tech who told me the story he saw the gate open I told him what happened he was amazed I went to my car and it wouldn’t start ? I tried looking for info on this online couldn’t find anything I found you guys can you help me find out who he was? I’ll be taking pictures tonight to see if I can communicate with him again. I hope this is interesting to you guys. As you can see I need help writing but this is real I promise. I love ghost stuff I feel lucky when I know for a fact that we don’t die after we die on earth with our human body’s

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