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Old Main Street Inn

Old Main Street Inn

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  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
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  • Address: 115 Main Street, Chadron, NE 69337, USA

The History:

The Old Main Street Inn was built by Peter and Margaret O’Hanlon in 1890 after the “original” building was leveled by a fire. Peter and Margaret operated the hotel with their five children until 1901.

From 1901 to 1931, the building was owned by the Railroad YMCA.

From 1931 to 1951 it was the Commercial Hotel under the ownership of the Ford family.

In 1951 it became the property of Glover family and it was renamed the Hub Hotel. The Norman family purchased it in 1961 and continued operating it as the Hub Hotel.

In 1969, Evva Gore purchased and renovated the hotel and eventually conferred it to her daughter Jeanne Goetzinger who is currently renovating the hotel.

On December 29, 1890, the Battle at Wounded Knee resulted in the death of 300 of Chief Big Foot’s tribe. The 300 Native Americans who were killed included women and children. General Nelson Miles was sent to investigate. He set up the headquarters for his investigation at the hotel.

When we visited the Olde Main Street Inn on a cloudy day in April 2009, we were greeted by a friendly woman named Jeanni behind the counter who offered to take us on a quick tour of the place. She warmly showed us around and described her own experiences with apparitions and various paranormal activities going on in the building. She allowed us to look at and take some photographs of the restaurant and inn noting that the General Miles Suite is room 204.

Jeanni noted that the old building located on this spot burned to the ground some years ago and that this building had been built on top of that.

She then told us that some time ago, the old owner’s son had come to visit and said that his Uncle Jack had been a prankster. Because Jeanni’s had already noticed that the resident ghost seemed to be somewhat of a prankster, she named him “Jack”. Jack’s sister Anna seems to bear some resemblance to the apparition who appears from time to time down the hallway leading to the rest rooms on the first floor.

Rooms are cozy and apartment-like and run $60 to $85 per night. Jeanni is welcoming to ghost hunting groups who apparently frequent the Olde Main Street Inn regularly.

Paranormal Reports:

The ghosts who purportedly haunt the hotel have been named “Jack” and “Anna” by the owners of the hotel. Jack has a special affinity for the Irish.

People have experienced hearing footsteps on the stairs when no one is on the stairs. Objects are often moved from their original position, which is apparently blamed on these entities.

Jeanni noted that “Jack” has broken a pitcher that was sitting at the bar. It was sitting at the bar very quietly, out of reach of everyone there when suddenly, a portion of it just broke off.

There is an apparition of a soman in a red satin dress who seems to fit the description of Jack’s sister Anna.

Apparently, a ghost hunting group had
visited the Olde Main Street Inn to do an investigation. The kindly woman behind the counter told us that they had found nothing during their entire stay, but then, on the last day, as they were packing up to go, as they stood in the entryway saying their goodbyes, the front door mysteriously blew open and then closed again as though some invisible person had walked through it suddenly.


Lodging houses (hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts), as well as restaurants are often reported to have paranormal situations present.


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