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Pendleton Road

Pendleton Road

Yucaipa, California

Yucaipa is located in San Bernardino County, California about 10 miles east of San Bernardino. The population is about 55,000. Yucaipa was once the home of a large population of Serrano Indians.

Pendleton Road Information:

Pendleton Road is a curvy, narrow road that is poorly lit in Yucaipa, California.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at Pendelton Road in Yucaipa, California:

The Red Lady of Pendleton Road is said to haunt the area because she died along the road in a car accident. People claim that the woman tried to go for help and made it about ½ a mile before she died. Her body, according to this story, was later discovered by police. Some Yucaipa locals say that the woman was actually a teen on her way to prom wearing a red prom dress.

Some people have reported strong feelings of uneasiness along Pendleton Road and feeling as though they are being watched when there is no one else around.

People walking along Pendleton Road have reported hearing disembodied voices. Some have also reported feeling as though someone is touching them lightly, though there is no one else around.


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Pendleton Road, Yucaipa, CA California 92399, USA

Pendleton Road, Yucaipa, CA California 92399, USA

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  1. Used a ghost detector app on Pendleton road across from the line of boulders at the oak glen end and got several spirit box words. They included the word RED as in lady in red dress. Also said SCENE REAL. And said lover, Edwin. I’m wondering if anyone has any information about a guy named Edwin involved with this ghost?

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