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Peru State College- Morgan Hall

Peru State College- Morgan Hall

The History:

Peru State College is a four-year institution located in Peru Nebraska. It was founded by members of the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1865.
It is known as the Campus of a Thousand Oaks. The college occupies twenty buildings spread across 104 acres.

In 2003, Peru State College was evaluated to determine whether it should continue operations or shut down. Morgan Hall was closed in 2003 for remodeling. Apparently, there was aebestos in the building that needed to be dealt with and removed.

The Haunting:

No specific details have been given regarding the paranormal events that are said to occur there. However, Eliza Morgan (the person for whom Morgan Hall is named) is purportedly a ghost that haunts this location. This woman, according to the report, actually died in the basement of house that was the center of Morgan Hall.


Dormitories are the most frequently reported location to be reported as "haunted" on college campuses. Remodeling is associated with increases in paranormal activity and Morgan Hall was renovated in 2003. However, I have no data indicating that there was any change in the number of reports of paranormal activities that occurred at Morgan Hall following the remodel.


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Peru, NE Nebraska 68421, USA

Peru, NE Nebraska 68421, USA

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