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Rock Creek, South Dakota

Rock Creek Day School

History of Rock Creek, South Dakota:

Rock Creek is about 20-30 miles northeast of Mitchell, South Dakota via I-90 heading east and then Highway 25 heading north.

Rock Creek School was opened in 1975 as part of the Beaverton School District. According to a story at Shadowlands Haunted Places Index for South Dakota, a flood overtook the city of Rock Creek during which time the coffins in the graveyards were unearthed and floated around until they could be lassoed by local cowboys. We have not found this to be a true story, at least not a story that occurred since the construction of the Rock Creek School in 1975.

On June 9, 1972 heavy rains did cause flooding of the Rapid Creek. This event became known as the Black Hills Flood. About 250 people died in this flood and $100 million worth of damages happened to the surrounding areas. Over 3,000 people were injured and 118 hospitalized.

Interestingly, Rock Creek is located at the other end of I-90 from Rapid City. Rapid City is on the western end of South Dakota while Rock Creek is along the eastern end of South Dakota. Rock Creek is not located anywhere near a river or large body of water and so it’s pretty clear that someone got their stories mixed up, likely because Rapid Creek and Rock Creek sound similar. Certainly the Rapid Creek flooding known as the Black Hills Flood could have unearthed coffins as the Canyon Creek Dam gave way, destroying homes entirely within its wake. This event is certainly significant in terms of Rapid City’s history, but it does not account for hauntings that are said to occur in Rock Creek, unfortunately.

Ghosts and Hauntings at Rock Creek, South Dakota:

The entire city of Rock Creek is said to be haunted by a man who is dressed in black, a shadow person, of sorts who roams the village late at night periodicially.


Visit this link to see a gallery of images of the Rapid City Flood of 1972

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Bullhead, SD South Dakota, USA

Bullhead, SD South Dakota, USA

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  1. Rock Creek Day School at Bull Head, SD, is located on the Standing Rock Reservation. It is not near Mitchell. It is not on I90. It is south and west of McLaughlin in a small tribal community. It is 260 miles NE of Rapid City and sits about 40 miles south of the border with North Dakota. There is a river by this tribal community. It is the Grand River, and it does flood the community. I have no idea if any of the rest of this story about the grave yard, flood, and lassoing coffins is true or made up. There are church grave yards on the hillsides. I know that the native people there do believe the school may be haunted.

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