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Saint Peters Rocky Hill Cemetery

Saint Peters Rocky Hill Cemetery

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  • Date Posted: Apr 29, 2014
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  • Address: Coppermine Road, Woodsboro, MD, USA

Woodsboro, Maryland

Woodsboro is located in central Maryland. It is a town of less than 1,000 residents in Frederick County, Maryland.

Rocky Hill Cemetery Information:

Rocky Hill Cemetery is located at Grace Lutheran Church. It was once known, according to one source, as St. Peter’s Lutheran Church. The church is located outside of Woodsboro, Maryland.

Follow Coppermine Road 2 miles east out of Woodsboro, Maryland to find Rocky Hill Cemetery.

A bleeding tombstone is purportedly located in the left hand corner, three rows back from the front. The bleeding tombstone is in the middle of this row at the cemetery. On the left hand side of the bleeding tombstone is a small gravemarker. On the right hand side there are two gravemarkers with the names George and Mary Fox on them.

The bleeding tombstone has an inscription, according to one source, that reads:

“This stone is at the grave of a mother who died leaving several small children. The husband remarried as husbands do, and tis’ said that he and the stepmother were very cruel and unkind to the children. But death could not this mother’s anguish kill, when the gnarled oaks groan, and the pine trees moan, in this graveyard at Rocky Hill, the tale oft told on many a lonely stretch, is that this stone breaks out ins bloody sweats, in the graveyard at Rocky Hill.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at Rocky Hill Cemetery in Woodsboro, Maryland:

Woodsboro locals claim that a particular tombstone at the Rocky Hill Cemetery “bleeds”. A number of people who have visited the cemetery have also reported feelings of uneasiness and that the Rocky Hill Cemetery is spooky at night.

Please get permission and be respectful of the property if you visit the Rocky Hill Cemetery and any other location listed at

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Coppermine Road, Woodsboro, MD Maryland, USA

Coppermine Road, Woodsboro, MD Maryland, USA

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