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Seward Middle School

Seward Middle School

Located at 3rd and South in Seward, Nebraska.

The History:

Apparently, a day care center burned to the ground and took the lives of all the adults and children inside. The most recent annex to the school was built at the location where the daycare burned down.

The Haunting:

Supposedly, janitors at the school have reported seeing and hearing children walking the halls when no one is there. One janitor apparently claims to have actually spoken to one of the ghosts, although I have not found record of what they conversed about.

Showers in the girls locker room also apparently will turn on and off on their own. Also, janitors report that the lights will come on of their own free will, after they have all been shut off in the locker room.


Schools are commonly reported to be haunted. I have not verified that the historical report regarding the burned down daycare is correct and truthful. If it is true, it lends some credibility and interest to the reports of paranormal activity.


410 South Street, Seward, NE Nebraska 68434, USA

410 South Street, Seward, NE Nebraska 68434, USA

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