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It seems that the actual haunt is on private property and it is known as Posies Place. Posies Place is apparently near Shell Creek School, however.

The History:

Posie’s Place is purportedly a haunted basement that was once used by an “underground” group of some sort. Some reports speculate that this was a white supremacist group, while others assert that the group performed satanic rituals.

We stopped at the Holiday gas station to inquire about haunted locations in Columbus. First, we spoke with the bearded gentleman behind the counter. He knew nothing about ghost hunting but offered us some friendly encouragement for our efforts. As we spoke with him, an inebriated young man came in to purchase some more alcohol for himself and his crew. He was terribly excited about ghosts and ghost hunting and had some experience with Posie’s Place and the Shell Creek School.

“Lots of creepy sh_t goes on out there…” he offered, “…it scares the sh_t out of people…”

He told us that Posie’s Place is located on an old abandoned farm and can only be reached by traveling through a cornfield on foot. He warned us that there is a guy who lives nearby who will, “come and chase you away with a shotgun.” So beware. If you choose to visit this location, consider obtaining permission from the guy who lives nearby, or perhaps the owner first.

Paranormal Reports:

An overall creepiness and personal experiences of overpowering fear have been reported at this location.


This location is apparently owned privately and permission should be requested before entering the property.

Of course, black magic of any kind tends to produce fairly strong paranormal activities. Such locations are dangerous for a variety of reasons. Besides spiritual justifications for staying away from this particular location, the legal ramifications of wandering onto private property without the owner’s permission, there is also a danger that the location is currently being used by groups of people who do not want to be discovered. Indeed, my computer even had a “glitch” while typing up my observations on this location….




Columbus NE Nebraska United States

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