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Smitty’s Curve

Smitty’s Curve

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  • Date Posted: May 8, 2014
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  • Address: Geneva, NE 68361, USA

Pre- Haunt Interview with Locals:

On July 23, 2009 we visited Geneva and interviewed two upstanding locals about Smitty’s Curve. We stopped in at the local Subway and chatted briefly with “Emily” and “Crystal” regarding their personal experiences with Smitty’s Curve. This is what they told us:

“At a particular location and at a particular time, go to the 2nd bridge and honk your horn 3 times and flash your lights twice. Then, get out of your car. Don’t shut the doors or they’ll lock on their own. If you shut your car off, Smitty’s ghost will mess with your engine.”

Apparently, there used to be an old barn and a young boy hung himself in the barn. Now, the young boy is believed by locals to haunt the location, according to Emily and Crystal.

Thank you, Emily and Crystal of the Subway Sandwich Shop…

The History:

Geneva is the county seat for Fillmore County. It was established in the 1870’s.

We have not been able to verify whether the elements of the story of Smitty’s Curve is factual or not.

Paranormal Reports:

Apparently, the ghost of “Smitty” haunts this location because he purportedly died driving his car too fast around the curve. Smitty’s car ended up in the creek on this fateful cold winter’s night and Smitty is said to have frozen to death on a hill nearby.


Perhaps Smitty hit a turkey as he was skidding around the corner. The turkeys in these parts are fat and fierce. Watch out for turkeys. And don’t be bamboozled by turkeys masquerading as ghosts in the heavily treed areas. Double check all ghosts for turkey-ness. The turkeys are prolific.

On a more serious note, this story has certain qualities that lead us to believe that it is more of a “myth” or “legend” created to help instruct and guide young people as they take to the roads. The moral of the story is: Don’t drive too fast around Smitty’s Curve (or other curves) or you’ll die.

Other Related Haunts:

Though it  may be hard to believe this is not the only haunted “curve” in the United States. Jetmore Curve in Jetmore, Kansas is another curve that’s “haunted” and the Brubaker Bridge in Gratis, Ohio has a curve in the road where a group of teens supposedly perished as well.


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