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South Street Elementary School

South Street Elementary School


Located at 1100 S. Street in Castle Rock, CO.

The History:

South Street Elementary School is part of the Douglas County School District. South Street Elementary serves about 600 children in Kindergarten through 6th grade.

Castle Rock is the county seat of Douglas County with a population of approximately 40,000 residents. It was founded in 1874 (No Author, n.d.; Wikipedia, 2008).

Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indian tribes occupied the area between the Arkansas River and the South Platte River where Castle Rock is situated. European settlers were originally drawn to the Castle Rock area by the possibility of gold. Instead of gold, however, rhyolite was discovered (No Author, n.d.Wikipedia, 2008).

The Haunting:

Behind the South Street Elementary School, there is a heavily treed area. In this area, it has been reported that there is a bridge where people have heard men’s and children’s voices. Purportedly, these are disembodied voices that can be heard on the bridge. According to the Shadowlands Haunted Places Index, "It is well known that men took the children up to the hills and for some reason, they all burned to death."


Sounds heard on the bridge where these paranormal events are said to take place may or may not be paranormal. Because the school is located in the middle of the city, it is likely that the voices that are heard on the bridge are from actual incarnate entities at the nearby school or at nearby houses.


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Castle Rock, CO Colorado, USA

Castle Rock, CO Colorado, USA

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