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  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
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  • Address: Massena, NY 13662, USA

Has anyone ever heard the legend of Spankys?
Once a man who worked at Spankys was asked to go into the basement to grab some canned food. The man said okay but he had his second thoughts. When he got downstairs he saw a man that was obviously not alive (anymore). The man was white with a sulky face. The worker got scared and pulled out his last match from his cigarette break and bravely pushes the match through his stomach. The ghost got angry and killed the worker.
When i went to Spankys i had to take my sister to the bathroom and the light was broken so we went in the dark. The toilet was on the one side of the room and the towel dispenser was on the other. All of the sudden there was a LOUD BANG and it was not either my sister or I. There is certainly a paranormal entity in the home style restaurant in my town.


Massena NY New York United States

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