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St. Mary’s Catholic School

St. Mary’s Catholic School


Located between Russel and S. Rito on 7th St.

The History:

We asked a local gas station attendant if she knew of a Catholic school in town. It was late at night and she could think of no Catholic school until we mentioned that it had been reported as haunted. The young lady then immediately knew the location we were speaking of and pointed us in the right direction.

The school did indeed burn to the point of being gutted. It is a gigantic school building. Behind the building is an old abandoned apartment building or perhaps a convent?. We have not been able to find any specific information about the history of the school and the convent located behind it.

The Haunting:

This is truly one of the most active locations we’ve observed. Without even going into this location, we were awed by the energy around it. One of the psychics on staff noted that she was being watched from the inside of the convent by a host of interested parties. She also noted a strong negative energy from the porch area. As we were taking photos a pure white cat emerged from under the porch and darted across the street, running away (which needless to say, frightened us a bit).

There is a tremendous amount of imbalanced energy at this location. These energies may have been enhanced somewhat by the fact that we visited this location on the night of a full moon during a violent thunderstorm, however, of all the places we’ve seen so far, this is one of the most fascinating and was noted by our psychic to be one of the most promising places for us to investigate and pick up paranormal activity.




  1. I could provide quite a bit of information on this location. I went to school at St. Mary’s and my father was the custodian. I have quite a bit of knowledge about the history of the school, convent and surrounding property along with several personal experiences in working at the school after-hours. I’d sure love to share what I know and hopefully see you investigate the school at some point.

    • We’d love to have you share your experiences and any information you have about the school! If you have more information, go ahead and post it as a comment for other readers and paranormal investigators to use and enjoy. Thank you! 🙂

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