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  • Date Posted: May 6, 2014
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Athena Research Group
Investigation Report
Location: State Cemetery, Conway, SC – Located on (Located on the north side of Beverly Road (Hwy 79) about 3 miles east of Pawley Swamp Road)
Date: April 24, 2011
Time: 7:30pm – 10:30pm
Weather: 70 Degree’s F , Clear & Humid, light wind
Investigators Present:
Rebeccah L.
Gary C.
Jason S.
Equipment: KII(X’s 3,) EMF, IR Thermometer (x’s 2) Digital Camera(x’s 3)
History of the location:
Historical investigation for this location has just begun. Finding history has proven to be a bit more difficult than expected. In any case. Athena Research Group was informed that one of the trees at the State Cemetery was used as a “hanging tree” (this information has yet to be verified) and that at certain times pictures taken of this tree will show what appears to be a noose hanging from the branches. We were also told that at one point (approximately 5 years ago) the Horry County Police were required to drive through the parking area several times a night due to “juvenile activity”. It should be noted that this location is approximately one mile from the Lucas Bay light so it is possible that individuals looking for the Lucas Bay light would also frequent this location.
There appears to be several un-marked graves or older broken grave markers. Several of the head stones are for individuals that have served in the military. Nothing at this location appears to be very old. (That is just an opinion and I might be wrong).
The investigation began at 7:30pm. During the preliminary investigation of this area investigators (Gary, Rebeccah and EJ) reported seeing shadows moving near the southern part of the cemetery near the gate. Investigators also reported seeing orbs moving throughout the cemetery but every time they moved to where they observed the orbs and/or shadows they would move to another part of the cemetery. During the initial investigation there were also reports of hearing voices or whispers.
EMF base line readings ranged from a .2 – 1.7(along the perimeter of the cemetery). There was no K II activity during the perimeter walk).
EJ and Rebeccah worked in one group and Gary, Jason and Jenn worked in a second group. Each group reported seeing and hearing things move. There were several strange pictures taken by both Jason and Rebeccah (audio evidence is still being analyzed).
In the Southern part of the cemetery (where investigators reported seeing moving shadows and orbs) Rebeccah and EJ used the K II during a question and answer session. Whatever was present seemed responsive to questioning. Jason and Gary also conducted a KII question and answer session the entity present was somewhat interactive with that group as well.
Gary and Jason also reported that they experienced an interesting KII session in the parking area.
While all this was occurring there were also random EMF spikes and temperature drops. There was also a feeling of being watched from the tree line.
Whatever present seems to be intelligent (not residual) due to the fact that the entity was able to answer questions. Also the fact that the entity was showing itself as a shadow and/or orb and moved when investigators approached the area shows some amount o f intelligence.
The entity appears to be some sort of trickster.
Further investigation is required at this location.


Conway SC South Carolina United States

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