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  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
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  • Address: Booneville, AR 72927, USA

Site of TB sanitarium just celebrated 100 years. Was a completely self sufficient location in past.
Now home to BHDC a state run facility for the residential training of adults with developmental delays and other disabilities.

Every building has activity.  Orbs, feelings, sounds, physical evidence and strange photos are experienced.

I worked at BHDC and had different experiences in each area. I’ve had my name called and I’ve been touched several times. Shadow people follow me across the campus, noises locked or blocked doors lights turned off and on slamming doors. I’ve also taken a picture of a person who showed up on my camera even though there was no one there when I took photo.

Children haunt one of the buildings which housed children in TB days. Several cottages are haunted inside and out.


Booneville AR Arkansas United States

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