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  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
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  • Address: Syracuse, NY, USA

Syracuse, New York

The Devil’s Chair at Oakswood Cemetery in Syracuse, New York:

Oakswood Cemetery is located on the north side of Syracuse.

The Oakswood Cemetery in Syracuse was founded in 1859. The first burial took place here in 1860.

The Devil’s Chair at The Oakswood Cemetery is special among Devil’s Chairs throughout the United States in that it is tiny…that is, child-sized.

The Devil’s Chair Information:

Urban folklore about “Devil’s Chairs” are common throughout the United States. They primarily refer to a class of memorial/funerary sculptures (cement replicas of chairs) that were common in the United States during the 1800’s. Nineteenth century graveyards often included these carved stone chairs for the comfort of visitors. Serving this function, these chairs became known as “Mourning Chairs”. Today, these types of benches and chairs are still put in cemeteries but are more mobile and thus rarely made out of stone.

Monubenches are still commercially available. In other words, you could still buy a Monubench | Devil’s Chair for your own grave. Many of the “Devil’s Chairs” throughout the United States were not meant to be anything but monuments. And interestingly, once their popularity began to fade, superstitions around the act of sitting in one developed. What happens when one sits in a so-called “Devil’s Chair” varies from location to location, but generally, the one who sits is punished for being out of line, or rewarded for their courage. Usually, but not always, the chair’s power to inflict harm is heightened at Halloween or New Years Eve or at midnight, or at some other specified time.


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Syracuse NY New York United States

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