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  • Author: Brendaj0y64
  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
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  • Address: 626 Saint Phillip Street, New Orleans, LA, USA

The Morgue Bar and Lounge was a unique pub in that it was once a New Orleans mortuary functioning during the horrific Yellow Fever epidemic in 1853. Ten thousand people died in 1853, their bodies passing through this mortuary on the way to the grave. The Morgue Bar and Lounge has been closed for some time. Some people report that the building is now used as a private residence. Other online forums say that the building is now used as a haunted house known as The Mortuary, but this haunt is located at a different address from the one listed for The Morgue Bar and Lounge.

The Morgue Bar and Lounge building was originally built in 1849.

New Orleans locals report that the mortician’s daughter often makes a showing in main bar area. She has been known to move objects, especially from the ladies restroom.

The Shadowlands web site reports that bodies were stacked in the women’s room, but the veracity of this statement is suspect. During the Yellow Fever epidemic, bodies piled up everywhere. It’s unlikely that the women’s restroom was the only place in the building used for storing bodies, since it was, in fact, a morgue.

The MVD Ghostchasers paranormal investigation group has investigated this location. Visit their web site to see photos.

626 Saint Phillip St. New Orleans, LA



New Orleans LA Louisiana United States

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