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The Old Opera House | Opera House Printing Company

The Old Opera House | Opera House Printing Company

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  • Date Posted: Apr 30, 2014
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  • Address: 140 East Main Street, Westminster, MD 21157, USA

Westminster, Maryland

Westminster is located in north central Maryland. It is the county seat of Carroll County. It is a smaller community of about 18,000 residents.

The Old Opera House Information:

The Old Opera House is now a printing company according to one resource. The Opera House Printing Company is located between Lincoln Road and Westminster Avenue at 140 E Main Street in Westminster, Maryland.

In the 1800’s, the Old Opera House was known as the Odd Fellows Hall. A performer named Marshall Buell of Alabama performed as a comedian of sorts making jokes about President Grant and other government officials. Unfortunately, some audience members were unhappy about the jokes. They threw some rocks onto the stage. One of the rocks hit Buell in the neck. He was shaken by the experience, exited the stage and refused an offer from the sheriff for protection in the jail overnight. Buell left the building.

Buell was attacked as he saddled his horse behind the Odd Fellows Hall. He was discovered soon after, in behind the hall, his throat cut from ear to ear.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at the Old Opera House in Westminster, Maryland:

The ghost of a man is said to haunt the Old Opera House in Westminster. Locals claim that this man was leaving through the back exit of the theater after his show and was murdered. Obviously, this man of legend is Marshall Buell. Apparently, reports of his apparition have been reported since the time just after his murder. The town drunk purportedly reported seeing the apparition of a man gesturing with his hand and mouthing worldless monologues behind the Odd Fellows Hall (the Old Opera House) where he was murdered. Others saw the same spectre soon after.


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140 East Main Street, Westminster, MD Maryland 21157, USA

140 East Main Street, Westminster, MD Maryland 21157, USA

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