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  • Date Posted: May 5, 2014
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  • Address: Eureka Springs, AR, USA

We were spending our anniversary in eureka springs which is around 22nd of October. First night we had no experiences but I had known about the history of the location. The hotel had been a spa, hotel, bath house, and brothel. The brothel Madame has been known to haunt the location. I knew this before hand.
The second night, we had been shopping and I had modeled new lingerie for my husband. As we got hot and heavy there was this loud shocking bang on the door to room. I jumped then had to laugh at myself. I made the comment ” I guess the Madame is upset with my not getting money first huh?”
I went to door n no one was there. The front door was locked to public only key code got u in. Rooms were all quiet. But I have to say whole weekend I felt like I was watched. But I liked the feeling.


Eureka springs AR Arkansas United States

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