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The Plague House on Bear Hill Road

The Plague House on Bear Hill Road

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  • Date Posted: May 4, 2014
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  • Address: Bear Hill Road, Hillsboro, NH 03244, USA

Hillsboro, New Hampshire

The Plague House on Bear Hill Road:

This house foundation is located on private property. Get permission before visiting this location. Police are said to patrol this area heavily.

Hillsboro, New Hampshire is also frequently spelled “Hillsborough”. Hillsboro (Hillsborough, whichever you prefer) is located in Hillsborough County, New Hampshire. It is a small town of about 6,000 residents. Hillsboro is located in southern New Hampshire.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at the Plague House on Bear Hill Road in Hillsboro, New Hampshire:

Locals have reported seeing a shadow figure in the cemetery near the Plague House. People also report seeing orbs.

One source reported that upon visiting the house and shouting derogatory remarks, he received scratches on his back.

The house itself is according to one source, no longer standing, but the foundation of the house is supposedly still there in a field. One source indicated that there is a red or brown shed in a field near the road and one can simply park along Bear Hill Road, with the car shut down and wait. In the woods near the foundation of this house, locals claim to be able to see ghostly white and blue lights. Some people believe these lights are lights coming from cars on Highway 202 nearby. Other people disagree.

Hillsboro locals also report hearing disembodied moans and voices at the Plague House.


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  1. Actually, the house itself is still there, and currently occupied. As for its history, basically there was a man there named Gunther Handel Richstaffaen who was supposed to act as town doctor… His methods were unorthodox at best, cruel at worst. His family came over from Germany, and a theory as to why he got into medicine was that his little sister and his mother both died of the same illness- but his story is VERY twisted.

    • Where exactly did you get said town records, there isn’t actually a record of Gunther or that he in fact practiced medicine. The original owner actually was from Mass he was Dr and lived in that house he took Ill after an airborne outbreak and a lot of people did go there sadly to die. Most were buried in a cemetery that is up on a hill to the left of the house. The house has been redone with a beautiful yard and a gazebo. It’s no longer “creepy” to the new generation but most of us locals still remember going there in our teens to screw off and “hear” and “see” things. that gave us more excitement then the town it’s self. There aren’t any creepy orbs or random ghost just chillin in the woods waiting for a car to park and shut off

  2. Actually, the house is still there, and inhabited. The doctor who worked there back in the day was named Gunther Handel Richstaffaen and frankly his methods were… Bad. He killed a lot of folks, did unspeakable things to a handful of women, too. They say he got into medicine for his mother and sister, who died of the same disease.

    Sources: I collect the town reports, and I have one of

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