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Three Legged Lady Road | Nash Road

Three Legged Lady Road | Nash Road

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  • Date Posted: May 4, 2014
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  • Address: Nash Road, Columbus, MS 39705, USA

Columbus, Mississippi

Three Legged Lady Road | Nash Road Information:

Three Legged Lady Road is actually on the map as Nash Road in Columbus, Mississippi.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at Three Legged Lady Road in Columbus, Mississippi:

One source reported a particular legend associated with Three Legged Lady Road. Some time ago, there apparently used to be a church on Nash Road. Folks would stop their cars at the church, turn off their headlights and honk their horn three times. Then, they’d wait. When they heard the Three Legged Lady knock on the roof of their car, they would race her to the end of the road. If they won, they’d never see the Three Legged Lady again.

Some locals believe that after the church was no longer in use, Satanists took up residence and began performing human sacrifices in the church.

Another source had a completely different story. According to this source, a young girl was kidnapped and dismembered. Her body parts were distributed in the woods near the road. The ghost of the girl’s mother is, according to this source, seen walking Nash Road with her daughter’s leg, the only body part she could find.

Locals today report seeing the apparition of a woman with three legs on Three Legged Lady Road. The three legged lady runs beside cars on the road and tries to run them off the road by slamming her body into them. People report that after an encounter with the Three Legged Lady, their cars will actually be dented.

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