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  • Date Posted: May 1, 2014
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  • Address: Mary Reed Building, University of Denver, 2199 South University Boulevard, Denver, CO 80208, USA


2199 S. University Blvd. in Denver, CO. Located just south and west of the I-25 intersection with University Boulevard.


This building was constructed in 1931. The Mary Reed Building was originally a library.


Legends say that Mary Reed, one of the important University benefactors, is said to roam the halls. A bit of "Janitorial Lore" in which the janitor made reports of seeing the ghost of Mrs. Reed has been reported as well. Apparitions of Mrs. Reed have been reported on the staircase as well as in the Dupont Room. Doors and elevators are said to move "on their own".


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2199 S. University Blvd. Denver CO Colorado United States

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