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University of Northern Colorado – Turner Hall

University of Northern Colorado – Turner Hall

Greeley, Colorado

University of Northern Colorado-Turner Hall Information:

Turner hall is a student resident hall on west campus. The building was completed in 1968 as the first high rise building in Greeley, Colorado. It is named after Glen C. Turner, a professor of business administration and controller from 1940-1965.

Ghosts and the Paranormal at the University of North Colorado-Turner Hall:

Turner Hall is reportedly haunted by a number of ghosts and host to variety of paranormal phenomena. There are two well-known ghosts who have been seen on several occasions by students. One of them is, according to some sources, the ghost of a student who threw himself out of an eleventh floor window. Other sources indicate that this suicide never occurred. Another is the ghost of a students who purportedly perished in a fire on the 12th floor of the building. There never was a fire on the 12th floor of Turner Hall, however.

The ghost of Stoney Ghosty has been reported as well, although this ghost can be traced back to a folklore student who wrote a story to explain the sweet smelling odor of marijuana pervading one of the floors of Turner Hall. Stoney Ghosty became legend and its roots lost. Some students believe Stoney Ghosty is real.

One Turner Hall resident assistant has reported slamming doors on the 10th floor at Turner Hall when all the students had left for summer break. Doors slammed one after the other, he claimed, but no one was on that floor. This particular resident assistant was not a believer in ghosts, but he claimed that nonetheless, the hair stood up on the back of his neck, he got goosebumps and promptly decided to leave the floor for the night.


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