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Valley High School

Valley High School

Located at 401 S. Pine St. in Valley, Nebraska.

The History:

Valley High School is apparently part of a school system known as the Douglas County West Community Schools.

The Haunting:

There are no reports of actual paranormal activity at this location. Rather, the Shadowlands Haunted Places Index has a report that says that in 1955, a boy fell from the lighting bridge in the school gym (now a wrestling room). When he fell, he lands on a Christmas tree prop, which pierced through his back and came out through his chest. At night, one is supposed to be able to observed these events replaying…the boy will fall on a tree and then disappear. Also, “blood will appear on the floor and you can hear a crowd screaming.”


Schools are often reported as haunted locations. Whether or not this legend of the boy falling is true or not has not yet been proven or disproven. The story is very similar to an actual event that happened at the Lexington Middle School in Nebraska.


Shadowlands Haunted Places Index

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  1. The building where this was to have happened was not built yet in 1955.

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